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Professors’ Discovery of Sick Birds Leads to New Research

Image of Dr. Joel Slade and students at work in the field.

FRESNO STATE — The quarantines and remote work culture of the COVID-19 pandemic brought many back to nature. People spent more time in their backyards or in local parks, and this lifestyle shift led to a reported uptick in the purchase of bird feeders. While feeding birds and connecting to wildlife seems like a good thing, it can actually prove ...

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Physics Student at Forefront of Nuclear Research Experiment

Image of Valerie Bauxham of Fresno State.

FRESNO STATE — Valerie Bauxham, of Fresno, left her career in the health field to pursue a physics degree at Fresno State. As a wife and mother of four, she knew her college journey had to be intentional — she did not want to waste any time. “My time is extremely valuable to me. My husband is a pediatrician and ...

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Graduating Fresno ’Dog Now Dedicated to Helping Cats

Image of Valerie Guzman at work in an animal shelter.

FRESNO STATE — Some of Valerie Guzman’s earliest childhood memories include taking in stray cats with her family in their Santa Maria apartment. “We would take in the cats that no one wanted – some were pregnant, had health problems or were infested with fleas,” Guzman said. “We would nurse them back to health and find them a home.” Guzman earned bachelor’s ...

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Student-Athlete Earns Prestigious Fulbright Research Award

Image of Sydney Fox of Fresno State.

By Selene Kinder, Fresno State FRESNO STATE — Sydney Fox has made a competition out of taking her education as far as she can. An avid runner since childhood, her analysis concludes that talent only gets you so far — it’s hard work and dedication that get you to the next level. Fox’ ultimate goal is to attend medical school ...

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