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Recipe of the Week: St. Patrick’s Day Sandwiches

Image of cucumber sandwiches.

Freshen up your St. Patrick’s Day menu with easy and light sandwiches inspired by the traditional color of the festivities. These open-faced noshes can be perfect for lunch, snack time or even as an appetizer for get-togethers with friends and family. Layered with a smooth cream cheese and mozzarella mixture then topped with crisp cucumber and a stem of green ...

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Recipe of the Week: Lucky Mint Brownie Perfection

Image of mint brownies.

How lucky you must be to come across this recipe just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. This one is a twisted combination of mint and sweet chocolate that’s sure to have almost anyone’s taste buds screaming “Yum!” This dessert might just be the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow this year. These mint brownies have three ...

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Recipe of the Week: Easy and Delicious International Dishes

Image of Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl with Fried Egg.

When tried-and-true family favorites turn stale and boring, digging through cookbooks and sorting through blogs for new recipes may seem far too time-consuming for your busy evenings. However, a simple international twist in the kitchen can turn bland dinners into exciting meals. You don’t need a plane ticket to explore international cuisines. Start with a versatile ingredient like rice, one ...

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Recipe of the Week: Red Velvet for Your Valentine’s Day

Image of a red velvet mug cake.

It’s hard to resist a perfectly blended, rose-red, luscious Red Velvet Mug Cake. It’s the perfect size, with just a handful of instructions, and it’s easily cooked before your eyes in the microwave. That’s right, the microwave. This mug cake is a simple way to make something delicious and keep the portions small. Whether you have a small party, just ...

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Recipes of the Week: Sausages, Short Ribs, & Pasta

Image of a beef short rib ragu.

Planning a delicious and romantic date night doesn’t have to take you any further than your own kitchen. You don’t have to be an accomplished chef to set the table for romance, but you can take inspiration from simple, quality Italian dishes to celebrate the link between food and love. As these recipes show, a romantic meal can be ready ...

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Recipe of the Week: A Cheesy Winter Warm-Up

Image of Cheesy Spinach Ravioli.

One of the easiest ways to warm up at the end of a winter day – both inside and out – is by sharing a comforting ravioli meal with loved ones. Getting your whole family to the table can be surprisingly easy when a savory dish like Cheesy Spinach Ravioli awaits. Cheesy Spinach Ravioli Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: ...

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Recipes of the Week: Healthier Eating for the New Year

Image of fried chicken.

High cholesterol is one of the major controllable risk factors for heart disease and stroke, with about 38% of American adults diagnosed with high cholesterol, according to the American Heart Association. It can be managed by getting levels regularly tested and making lifestyle changes like eating a heart-healthy diet. Reduce saturated fat: Select lean cuts of meat or opt for ...

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Recipes of the Week: A Feast for Homegating Fans

Image of a platter of deviled eggs.

Gathering your team to plan for a truly memorable game day at home starts with almost everyone’s favorite part of the festivities: the food. One superstar of the menu at many homegating parties is salsa, whether it’s used as a finishing touch in recipes or as a standalone snack to enjoy with chips, veggies or other pairings. Chef Anthony Serrano recommends ...

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Recipes of the Week: It’s Dips, Bites, and Bombs Away!

Image of pizza bites on a plate.

Whipping up family favorites all winter long is a perfect activity to keep loved ones warm in the kitchen while avoiding the bitter chill outdoors. Delicious, heartwarming snacks offer a simple and savory way to bring everyone in from the cold while enjoying comforting flavors together. Baked Tomato Goat Cheese Dip Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 20 minutes Servings: ...

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Recipes of the Week: Camembert Wreaths & Chocolate Oranges

Image of chocolate-covered orange peels.

Despite a busy holiday schedule, you can take the stress out of entertaining and cooking by planning ahead and simplifying your menu. Here’s how: Start with Showstopping Recipes When hosting for the holidays, visual dishes that look as good as they taste lend themselves toward seasonal celebrations. Try shareable creations like this Baked Camembert Wreath with Navel Orange and Cranberry ...

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