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Taco Tuesday at the Hitching Post in Ahwahnee

Where: Hitching Post, 42592 Hwy 49, AhwahneeP1140425 (2)r

When:  Tuesday Lunch or Dinner

Not every adventure is a hiking adventure. Taco Tuesday at the Hitching Post in Ahwahnee is always a fun adventure, especially with friends.

I think that Taco Tuesday is a well kept secret at the Hitching Post. Well, perhaps locals are familiar with it but I am here to spill the beans. For Lunch and Dinner on Tuesday, they serve up a special deal on their tacos. One of these are enough for me, especially if I get some chips on the side to share with a group.

Taco Tuesdayr

Taco Tuesday with Friends

Taco Tuesday 2r

Taco Tuesday is Great Place to Gather with Friends

This is a wonderful place to meet with a group of friends, celebrate a birthday or if you go alone, you are bound to see someone you know.

You will need to make some decisions though and these are tough decisions. You will need to pick the filling for your taco. You have your choice of chicken, spicy beef, chicken or pork for $3.50. My favorite is the pork. For a little extra, you can choose from the carne asada or the shredded beef. Your taco comes with sour cream and salsa.

P1140444 (2)r

A Friendly Face Comes with your Taco

P1140448 (2)r

Gabby, serving up our Pork Tacos

Your next decision is whether you want your taco soft, crispy or medium. I do different ones each time. If you get the soft taco, you won’t be able to pick it up and eat it because it will fall apart. You will need to eat it with a fork. It is a pretty healthy size taco. If you get the crispy, you will still need to eat down some of the taco to get it to be small enough to fit into your mouth. Of course, by that time, it may fall apart on the plate and you will need your fork to eat it.

If you order a side of chips, they are fried on site and are hot and very good. Their salsa is so good! You can also go for the guacamole or maybe onion rings.


This Brownie Sundae is Huge!


It Took 3 of us to Polish off the Brownie Sundae

Like I previously mentioned, one taco is usually plenty for me, although I have been known to eat two when I came in from a hike. But if you are still hungry, sharing a brownie sundae with the group is also a fun thing to do. Get a bunch of spoons and dive in.

This is a very casual please to eat or wet your whistle. You are likely to run into someone you know there and if you don’t know anyone, you are bound to meet a friendly person. The folks at the Hitching Post are always friendly and welcome you with open arms. They get really busy but that is part of the fun of it.

Sharlene Williams has owned the Hitching Post for about 9 years but it has been around since about 1965. I spoke with some of the locals around the bar about the history of the Hitching Post. Pat Thompson remembered when you cooked your own steaks and back when it was called the 9th Hole.

Hitching Post Circa 1979

Hitching Post Circa 1979 (Photo Courtesy Robert Ellis)

I asked Sharlene how Taco Tuesday came to fruition and she shared that it really was a group effort. She said that she wanted to have something that could be a family night, be affordable and people could relax at. Rhonda and friends had made tacos, then brought in family recipes. I asked her about my favorite, the pork tacos and she it was Oscar’s mother’s recipe.

If tacos aren’t your thing, there are other special nights. On Monday night, they have Macho Nacho and you can catch the football game. Wing Wednesday also has a pool tournament. On Friday, they have Karaoke. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are too many popular items to name but I asked the folks that were there on the evening of my visit what they would recommend. Omelets, biscuits & gravy, chicken fried steak, great big monster hamburgers were just some of the suggestions I received. They are open 7 days a week and here are their hours: Monday through Thursday 8 am to midnight, Friday 8 am to 2 am, Saturday 6 am to 2 am and Sunday 6 am to midnight.

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