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Supporting The Fight Against Childhood Cancer

By Sydney Meyers & Natalie Zawolkow —

O’NEALS — On Tuesday, May 1, Minarets High School senior Ellery Meade held her Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) on the lawn outside of the Minarets Gym. The event was from 1 – 5 p.m., dedicated to the St. Baldricks Foundation, an organization devoted to finding cures for childhood cancer and offering wigs to cancer patients. During this event, teachers, students, and community members had the opportunity to either donate their hair or shave their heads.

​Over thirty-five people participated in the event, including staff like Dr. Ching, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Ortiz, Mr. Regonini, and Ms. Urrutia, students from all grade levels, and Ellery herself. Beyond the head shaving and hair cutting, the event also included music, carnival games, and food.

Ellery explained that she chose St. Baldrick’s Foundation for her SLE because she has been involved with the organization since she was very young. She has watched family and friends shave their heads due to the effects of cancer, so she took inspiration from these experiences.

As a whole, Ellery’s SLE exceeded all expectations. She accomplished her overall goal to not only get the community involved, but to raise awareness for childhood cancer, as well.​​

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Sydney Meyers & Natalie Zawolkow are students at Minarets.

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