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Support Of Keitz For DA

As Election Day approaches, Madera County voters have choices to make, and one of the most important votes they cast will be for District Attorney.

I have attended numerous debates and events where both candidates, District Attorney Michael Keitz and Attorney David Linn, have sparred. During these debates many accusations were made and defended. Much of what has been said, I believe, has distorted truths and facts, in particular the accusations regarding the Rowley Report.

A recent letter to the editor of the Sierra Star questioned why Mr. Keitz refused to make the report public. The simple fact is that releasing the report would violate the confidentiality of whistle blowers, and the courts agreed and ruled with Mr. Keitz position.

It is time to put aside accusations, misrepresentations, and whisper campaigns and focus on overall qualifications. I have examined each candidate, their backgrounds, and their qualifications. Without a doubt, I believe the best person for the job is our current District Attorney, Michael Keitz. He is the only candidate with an extensive law enforcement background, which I feel is essential to the office, and the only candidate with years of prosecuting experience.

We need a District Attorney with a proven record which is why I am supporting Michael Keitz and encourage Madera County voters to do the same.

Dennis Fairbanks

Coarsegold CA

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  1. The Rowley report was not released because Mr. Keitz sued the County to block its release. The Board of Supervisors was going to release it. I have spoken with almost every person who was interviewed by Mr. Rowley for the report and those people want the report released. The reader can draw their own conclusions as to the significance of this. I would address the “distorted truth and facts” alleged by Mr. Fairbanks but he did not point any out. In closing, if Mr. Linn isn’t qualified, why is every single law enforcement agency in Madera County endorsing him and not Mr. Keitz?

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