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Harvest moon over vinyards by Keith Sauer

Super Harvest Moon Eclipse

Harvest moon 2014 - photo by Keith Sauer

Harvest moon 2014 – photo by Keith Sauer

EARTH – Coming up this weekend, overnight on Sunday, Sept. 27 – Monday, Sept. 28, we get to experience another supermoon, the time when the moon is closest to our planet this year. Precisely speaking, the moon is full at 7:51 p.m. PDT on Sept. 27 and will appear full all night.

For the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Harvest Moon: that is, the full moon nearest the autumn equinox which heralds the start of fall and harvest season. The equinox occured on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

There’s also a total lunar eclipse during the full moon, giving rise to the term Blood Moon for September’s awesome orb, sinceit’s the fourth and final in a series of total eclipses of the moon each spaced six full moons apart, a phenomenon referred to as a lunar tetrad.  The total eclipse should be visible from most of North America after sunset in the dusk on Sept. 27. Because there’s an eclipse happening, the moon will be totally submerged in the Earth’s dark umbral shadow at the peak of the eclipse.

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