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Students Rock Attendance And Ride Rewards

OAKHURST — As adults, we drag ourselves out of bed every single morning, even on days we’re not feeling ourselves, to get to work on time.

As adults, we know that attendance matters, particularly with our employers.

Now, imagine a child doing this every single day throughout the school year.

At Oakhurst Elementary School (OES), 10 children not only dragged themselves out of bed, but politely badgered their parents to get them to school every day.

On June 10, 2013, OES honored all ten students who earned perfect attendance for the entire school year. Congratulations to 2nd graders Stephanie Avina, James Bratty and Jasmine Preciado.

Also present for every day of school were 3rd graders Sebastian Valdez and Logan Lehigh.

Representing 4th grade was Joshua Bayt, Skyler Bona, Sophie Simpson and Nicolas Guynn.

Finally, lone 5th grader Eduardo Preciado received the perfect attendance honor. It’s not easy, folks!

OES Oakhurst Elementary School Logo EaglesFor their efforts, each child was rewarded with the choice of a new bicycle or a gift certificate at a local book store. Eight students chose bikes, and two chose gift certificates to purchase books.

OES is grateful to the Sierra-Oakhurst Kiwanis Club for having donated two bikes, along with community members Kris Rich and Marvin Mooney who each made a donation to purchase a bicycle. The remaining bikes and gift certificates were purchased from Associated Student Body funds. For more information about OES check out the website and their active Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

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