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Students Attend Native Youth Hawaii Conference

By Ashley Davis —

O’NEALS — Three Native students from Minarets High School were selected to attend the IAC Pacific Region Native Youth Food Sovereignty Summit in Hawaii — a conference for Native youth, including Native Americans and Native Hawaiians.

The students who were selected from Minarets were senior Sierra Stalter along with juniors Darrin Coleman and Ashley Davis. They were able to meet new friends from both California and Nevada, and also Hawaii, as well. They did explore a little of the Big Island of Hawaii, see new things, and animals, including a close-up with a sea turtle.

The conference was also pretty hard to get in — only a total of 40 people were accepted to the conference, 20 from California and 20 from Nevada. This was the Minarets students first time going to Hawaii. They landed in Kona and traveled to different areas. They also got to visit the University of Hawaii.

They learned about other tribes and the Hawaiian cultures during the conference, including Hawaiian foods, language, dances, and other traditions. They even learned how to make their traditional leis, to keep spirits away.

The attendees were put into groups and had to create a presentation at the end of the conference about what they need in their communities and how they could help. They got together often to think of how they would present this and what type of project they need help within each of their community, which included many community gardens.

We are proud that we were able to have three of our own students attend such a prestigious and competitive conference!

Read the original article here on Minarets Press.

Ashley Davis is a student at Minarets

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