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Stoking School Spirit: Minarets Press Creates #StangStrong

By Luke and Lauren Erickson, student journalists for Minarets Press

O’NEALS — During these strange and difficult times, Minarets High School has found a way to still keep the school spirit alive. Through the organization of Minarets Press, #StangStrong Week was created as a way to allow the students to have a little bit of fun dressing up and to take the current situation off of their minds for a while. The dress-up days included Home Professional Dress Day (Pajama Day), Social Distance Twin Day, Whacky Hair Day, College Day and Spirit Day.

Students had a lot of fun with this and there were quite a few participants! Junior Shelby Graff participated throughout the week and explained, “I decided to participate because I thought it was a good idea on the school’s behalf.” She also added, “Not going to school has been hard for me because I feel less motivated and I miss my friends.”

Even some teachers got in on the action. Spanish teacher Karen UP said, “I had a great time dressing up and creating memories with Anthony. It really made me feel connected to our school community. All of the days were wonderfully themed and I really enjoyed it!”

This feeling of connection drove many students to participate. Senior Kathryn Odgers explained, “Everyone has been disconnected in some way from our school, our students and staff, friends, family, our entire lives disrupted from the coronavirus. By having this participation people could feel a little more connected by being apart of a daily photo challenge and be creative, see other people’s faces, and have an overall feeling of being connected.” As the Minarets Press public relations manager, Kathryn organized all social media content, photo submissions and sharing of student participation.

Minarets Press would like to thank everyone who participated and for helping us keep our school spirits alive! Stay safe, Mustangs!


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