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Steven Jacobs Turns Up The Heat For Honorary Mayor

Over fifty people, many from Fresno, braved the heat on Saturday June 16th to come to Pounding Iron for Charity at the Wild Wonderful King Vintage Museum. Steven Jacobs, Candidate for Honorary Mayor of Oakhurst, and two other blacksmiths, Mike Wenrich and Smiley Tierney, demonstrated blacksmithing in temperatures over 100 degrees. About a dozen volunteers, young and old alike, were guided through the blacksmithing process to make wall hooks which they then got to keep.

Members of the House of Tudor Renaissance Faire Guild, led by 10-year-old Charlotte Masters, held a Bake Sale and grilled hot dogs to raise money for Steven’s Honorary Mayor Campaign which benefits the Wild Wonderful King Vintage Museum. Despite the heat, over $300 was raised and so much fun was had that we hope to do again next year. In May! When it is cooler!Joanne Hoover - Jake For Mayor  6-16-12

At the same time Joanne Hoover, who really hopes to become First Lady, gave a talk on the “History of Women’s Undergarments” to about 20 people at Willow Bridge Book Store. She displayed reproduction undergarments from the time of Queen Elizabeth I, and wore reproduction 1890’s undergarments. Emphasizing the importance of such items in creating the silhouette of an era she also showed vintage late 19th and early 20th century undergarments from the Wild Wonderful King Vintage Museum’s collection.

Steven Jacobs and Joanne Hoover 6-16-12On Saturday, June 30th, Joanne will be giving a talk on “The Fashionable History of Men’s and Women’s Hats” at the King Vintage Museum at 4:00 p.m. She will discuss the history of hats from the late 18th Century to the mid 20th Century using both reproduction hats and vintage hats from her own and the museum’s collections.

Admission is $3. For more information call 658-6999.

Steven Jacobs and Joanne Hoover

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