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Steven Jacobs Heads Into Honorary Mayor Finale

We asked Steven Jacobs to share with us as the Honorary Mayor Campaign enters the home stretch. We asked the same questions of all three candidates.

Q: What have you learned about yourself/your charity/your community through this process?

A: We have learned how very supportive our community is toward local charities. Our friends, acquaintances, local businesses and even strangers came together to help us out.

Q: What are your plans for your charity going forward?

A: The Wild Wonderful Women King Vintage Museum hopes to continue some of the events we started. Throughout the summer we will hold Sidewalk Sales outside Wonderful Treasures Thrift Shop on the last Sunday of the month. Pounding Iron for Charity was a lot of fun and we want to make it a yearly event in the spring (when it is cooler) and we will add other craft demonstrations and instruction.

We also want to continue once a month programs at the museum on the history of
clothes, accessories, local history, costuming and pretty much anything we can think of that is related (even loosely) to the museum and that we think the public will enjoy.

Q: What do you plan to do in your term as mayor?

A: I plan to enjoy it! Not only do I want to continue to help the King
Vintage Museum, I want to give back to the entire community.

Q: Can you offer your thoughts about your competitors, the other candidates?

A: I never considered the other candidates to be competitors. We are
all people who want to help out our communities. And we all have
been having fun while doing it.

Q: How has your family participated in your campaign?

A: This has definitely been a family affair. My wife and I have been
working side by side on this campaign. And our families, none of
whom are local, have been very generous in their donations.

Q: What have been the biggest challenges throughout this process?

A: Biggest challenge is (and always is for small organizations) getting
the word out. Which is why we so appreciate anyone who has helped
us. Just as big a challenge is having enough people to do all the

Q: What can people do going forward to support your cause?

A: To support the museum we hope people will continue to visit it. And,
especially, to volunteer to help out.

Q: How will you celebrate your win, deal with your loss?

A: Champagne and Good Beer! (Either way)

Thank you for your help – Steven Jacobs and Joanne Hoover

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Editor’s note: Don’t miss the Honorary Mayor Campaign Finale at the Oakhurst Community Park from 5 – 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th.

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