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Station 10 Firefighters Temporarily Displaced

YOSEMITE LAKES PARK – An incident at Station 10 will require the temporary relocation of firefighting equipment, but Captain Haynes says it’s not going to stop the dedicated volunteers from doing their jobs.

On Tuesday, Engine 10 was being moved out of the bay for service when it struck a structural beam, causing safety concerns regarding building integrity and prompting the moving of equipment to the Yosemite Springs Park Utility Company (YSPUC) next door.

“When this happened, we immediately devised a plan to operate out of the Water Department facility next door,” says Station 10 Captain Christopher Haynes. “We are responding from that location, just 300 feet from the station. There will be absolutely no delays or interruptions in service to our community.”

In fact, says Haynes, Squad 10 responded to a medical aid call in Coarsegold the next afternoon, fully staffed as always, by professional volunteers.

Many of the volunteer firefighters offered to park the Engine and the Squad in their driveways until the situation was rectified.

“This is a piece of our lives and we take it very personally,” says Haynes.

Madera County will do inspections and initiate the repairs necessary to get the building back in service as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Haynes says they are working closely with Mike Neveu, Yosemite Lakes Owners Association General Manager, and Ken Harrington, YSPUC Manager to keep things running seamlessly.

“The people of YLP have donated a lot of time and money to this station, and they deserve good service,” he says. “We’re a family here and we pride ourselves on that, and always work as a team.”


  1. What a joke…. They continually try to pass themselves as professionals.

  2. Whoever is that person? Who commented about the fire fighter volunteers not being professionals. Maybe should spend a day with these highly trained individuals. They attend classes, are away from their families, just to protect you and your property from harm. They are real professionals, not wannabee professionals!

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