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Spring Valley 4H At The Fair

Written by Rhett Samper – Student Reporter

O’NEALS – Spring Valley 4H was well-represented at this year’s Madera County Fair. Getting livestock and show animals ready for for competition takes hours of dedication and hard work.

Spring Valley 4H members brought home lots of ribbons across the board and in every barn. Congratulations to all our exhibitors; we celebrate all their hard work and hours of dedication to their agriculture projects.

If you would like more information about 4H and are interested in joining a 4H club, Spring Valley 4H meets the first Monday of every month at Minarets High School multipurpose room at 6:30 p.m.


Jake Dowell:
Res sr champion Lamancha
Sr champion Lamancha
Res grand champion Lamancha
Grand Lamancha
Res best doe in show
Best uddered doe
2nd showmanship
Outstanding exhibitor


Morgan Pelowski:
Outstanding 4-H Rabbit Exhibitor, Best of Show, Best Fur, Best of Breed, 6th Intermediate
Showmanship and 7th Advanced Showmanship. For


Morgan Pelowski:
Champion Crossbred Market Hog, 4-H Champion Market Hog and Reserve Grand Champion
Market Hog.
Breeding Does

Tyler Jones
6th – Doe 4-6 months
8th – Doe 6-9 months
1st – Doe 9-12 months
Champion Junior Doe

Jake Dowell
4th – Doe 4-6 months
6th – Doe 6-9 months

Gracia Ellis
3rd – Doe 4-6 months
2nd – Doe 6-9 months
3rd – Doe 9-12 months
1st – Pair of Junior Does
1st – Doe over 24 months
1st – Best Three Does
1st – Junior Showmanship
7th – Intermediate Showmanship

Tyson Ellis
8th – Doe 9-12 months
2nd – Doe 12-24 months
1st – Doe over 36 months
2nd – Best Three Does


Emily McDougald
1st – Market class
Reserve Champion Lightweight
3rd – Bred and Fed
5th – Advanced Showmanship

Jake Dowell
4th – Bred and Fed
5th int showmanship
1st in market class
1st 12 to 24 months in milk

Ryan McDougald
3rd – In Class
3rd – Advanced Showmanship

Tyler Jones
1st – In Class
6th – Bred and Fed
4th – Junior Showmanship


Kari McDougald
2nd – In Class
Qualified for Rate of Gain

Rhett Samper
4-H Reserve Champion Hampshire
4th – Intermediate Showmanship

Tyson Ellis
5th – In Class
Qualified for Rate of Gain

Gracia Ellis
4th – In Class
2nd – Junior Showmanship
Qualified for Rate of Gain


Michael Shellar:
4th intermediate showmanship
2nd – clean legged other comb cock – Golden Seabright
3rd – clean legged other comb hen – Golden Seabright
2nd – pair Golden Seabright
2nd – Cockerel – Buff Orpington
3rd – pullet – Buff orpington

Tyler Jones:
3rd – Jr. showmanship
1st – OEG BBR hen
1st – best of show jersey giant eggs
4th – OEG silver duckling cockrel

Gracia Ellis:
2nd – Jr Showmanship
1st – Americana rooster


Natalie Anselmo – Int. Reserve English Hi Point

Ryan McDougald – Adv. Western Hi Point, Adv. English Hi Point and Madera Fair Outstanding 4H Horse Exhibitor

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