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Spring Poem By Beth Wilson

Written by Beth Wilson

Spring Poem

Rain beats against the windows,
cascading down from overcast skies.
You can hear the baying of the wind as it streaks through your hair.
The chill settles in your bones,
a lingering companion to your days.
Waters rise,
filling up the valleys that you once drifted over.
But just as you close your eyes,
shutting out winter’s shouts,
birdsong twines itself through the air.
The rising sun bursts through the blanket of night,
and the storms of gray scurry away.
Glistening snow rests gently upon the peaks of the horizon,
the heavens are brought to earth in the pools of the valley.
Mother Nature stretches her limbs in every direction,
the grass rich and green sea,
wildflowers dotting every hillside.
The darkest night cannot stand against the light of day,
the sun is here to stay.

Minarets High School
March 2016

Beth Wilson is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing

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