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Some Interesting Facts On Rim Fire

Rim Fire Fact Sheet

30 August 2013

Day 14

Acreage: 213,414

Largest fire in the United States to date in 2013·

No. 1-ranked on national firefighting priority list

Fifth largest fire in California history

·Largest U.S. fire to date in 2013: Lime Hills Fire, Alaska 201,809 acres

States that have sent firefighters or other personnel:

41 and the District of Columbia

Uncontrolled fire edge: 96.8 miles

Completed containment line: 65.5 miles Completed dozer line: 105.7 miles

Total aviation hours: 14,400

Water dropped: 1.4 million gallons Fire retardant dropped: 1.7 million gallons

Proportion of the fire burning within the Stanislaus National Forest:

74.6 percent

Proportion of the fire burning in Yosemite National Park:

24 percent

Proportion of the fire burning on state and private property:


Proportion of the Stanislaus National Forest within the fire perimeter:

16.8 percent

Proportion of Yosemite National Park within the fire perimeter

6.4 percent

Size of the fire area:

Larger than the land area of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose combined

Hot meals served:

Breakfasts: 15,453 Dinners: 16,049

Pounds of firefighter laundry washed:


Burned or damaged guard rail posts to be replaced on Highway 120:


Damaged trees adjacent to power lines to be removed by Pacific Gas and Electric:


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  1. We have had a lot of smoke here in Calaveras County

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