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SNO’s Own Kellie Flanagan Heads To Hollywood

LOS ANGELES — Our very own Kellie Flanagan has taken a break from her duties as managing editor and teller of stories at Sierra News Online to meet and greet her fans at The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles this weekend.

Yes, even though Kellie’s acting career ended many years ago as she moved on to producing, writing and videography, she does still have fans who send requests to Sierra News Online with little cards included, wanting her autograph and/ or photo.

Before we here at SNO were lucky enough to be introduced to Kellie through one hysterically funny blog about her experience raising chickens, she had a long and varied career both in front of and behind the camera.

Kellie started acting at the ripe old age of 3, when she did a Crest commercial with June Lockhart. As my dad used to say, she was “cuter than a bug’s ear!” Kellie is the bathing beauty with her hands over her head, second from the right. She then went on to do over 100 commercials — some TV, some print. Who could resist that face?!

Then, in 1966, she appeared on a quirky little show called Star Trek. Hallelujah. Hence, her invitation to join other cast members at this weekend’s event.

“It’s an episode in the first season called Miri, where the Enterprise lands on a planet just like the United States, except there are no grownups, or ‘grups,’” says Kellie, “because when kids hit puberty they get a really bad condition – way beyond acne – their skin rots off, they foam at the mouth, go mad and then die.” Nice.

During Kellie’s young career, she appeared in some other favorite shows of the day, including Mannix, Family Affair and Andy Griffith. (For Kellie’s scene in this clip, skip to 21:30. Cracks me up every time I see it!)

Eventually, she was cast in a role in a television series based on a fabulous movie from the forties, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. It starred Hope Lange, Edward Mulhare, Charles Nelson Reilly and Reta Shaw — “with Kellie Flanagan and Harlen Carraher.” Kellie spent two years as the adorable Candice Muir. The series has been rerun on GETTV over the past year.

So for the next two days, Kellie will be posing for pics and selfies, signing autographs, and walking down a stretch of memory lane with those who still love and remember TV from a simpler time.

To read Kellie’s interview on startrek.com, click here.

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