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SNO Readers Share Snow Day Pics

Looking towards 222 (Tim Jones)

MOUNTAIN AREA — Snow fell, classes were canceled, some businesses closed, and people posted pictures of their various views on the Sierra News Online Facebook page.

We pulled those photos into a community album. Thank you, for sharing your photos and a little chilly slice of your life with the rest of us.

Click on images to enlarge.

Bass Lake, Willow Cove area, about 7 inches of snow (Patti Ranney Shadrick)

Mudge Ranch (Dave Briley)

(Sheryl Bedard)

Coarsegold, Gold Nugget Ranch, located up behind Broken Bit. 10am. Beautiful snow day to stay inside with some hot cocoa! ( Patrick Watson)

Top of O’Neals (Lisa Clark)

Fresno River about a half mile east of River Creek Golf Course (Criss Wilhite)

A large oak completely uprooted in the driveway up John West Road (Melissa Đenny)

Bollinger Place (Martin Cabrera)

Coarsegold, off Serpa Canyon (Laura Morena)

Ahwahnee (Lance Benson)

Kinsman Flat (Kimberly McMillan)

Highview (Hannah Whitmer)

Teaford Ranch, 7 inches overnight (Douglas W. Hays)

Quartz Mountain Road (Debbie Lyons Kollenborn)

Off of 224 (David Scott) 

From Nip this morning 0700 (Candace Gregory)

(Cathy M. Rehard)

3500 feet elevation between Oakhurst and Coarsgold (Brad Miller)

Road 200 and Wyle Ranch Road (Beverly Stokes)

Teaford (Sharon Fitzgerald)

Bass Lake area near Beasore (Annette Ossenkop)

Window shows tree that fell outside house,   very thankful this morning. (Dan Burnett)

Same tree, other window (Dan Burnett)

(Dan Burnett)

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