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SNO Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign

Our valued SierraNewsOnline readers know about the phenomenal growth of this website, and have hung in there during the upgrade to a much larger server over the past few weeks. Overwhelming traffic is a good problem to have!

When I launched SNO in June 2012, I had absolutely no idea just how enthusiastically this website would be embraced by our communities, and the incredible rate at which it would grow.

With that have come huge demands on the limited resources of this kitchen table start-up business, and I am pedaling as fast as I can to keep this website responsive to your needs and always bring you the latest goings-on in our mountain area.

So in order to upgrade and keep pace with what readers have come to expect from what started as a labor of love, I have launched a crowd-funding campaign, inviting any of you who so desire to contribute.

Some of the things we will do with your contributions:

  • Pay for a new dedicated server that provides faster uploads and allows us to keep posting lots of photos.
  • Upgrade to newer, faster computers and operating systems (yes folks, we are still using Windows XP)
  • Put another vehicle in service to cover our large area that includes 8 communities.
  • Retain website professionals to help optimize, update and upgrade the site.
  • Invest in a marketing campaign to bring in more local advertisers so SNO can continue to grow.
  • Hire more reporters/photographers to help cover more breaking stories. This year’s challenging fire season has really shown the need for live reporting.
  • Buy more scanners and equipment to cover live events.

Larger news operations get revenue from advertising, and from subscriptions. I do not want SNO to ever become a subscription-only website. I want visitors who are on their way to spend time in our area to be able to check out SNO and see what’s happening, and click through to local businesses through our advertisers.

Many of our readers have expressed a desire to participate by supporting this community-based resource financially. We have created two ways for SNO devotees to contribute to the cause:

  • You can make a single donation, and choose the amount you would like to contribute to our crowd-funding account to help us upgrade services and equipment, and market the website.
  • You can set up a voluntary monthly subscription to help us take on more reporters, sustain the systems that are in place and provide greater coverage of our mountain area.

We have set up a section on the right side of the landing page for those interested in participating in our campaign.

No one has to pay to visit SierraNewsOnline. But if you feel that what we provide for the community adds value to your life, I invite you to come on board and help me take this valuable resource to the next level.

Thank you for being a part of SierraNewsOnline. This website is for you, about you and because of you.

Gina Clugston, Publisher

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