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Sinkhole opens up in Highway 41 in Coarsegold - photo courtesy ABC30

Sinkhole Slows Traffic In Coarsegold

COARSEGOLD — Caltrans is working to repair a sinkhole that opened up right in the middle of the southbound lane of Highway 41 in front of the Coarsegold Market yesterday.

The hazard was reported to CHP at about 8 p.m. last night, but several motorists “found it” with their vehicles as they clunked through the spot yesterday. It was then marked with a paint circle, but apparently continued to expand.

Caltrans came out last night and placed a large metal plate over the widening hole and marked it off with cones. They are out today making repairs.

Southbound traffic has been diverted into the middle turn lane, and motorists traveling through the area should be aware of workers in the roadway.

As of 11 .m. this morning, Caltrans says they have no idea what is causing the failure.

“The crews have to look at all possibilities as to what is causing the damage to ensure the integrity of the roadway is not hindered whatsoever,” said Tami Conrado, Caltrans spokesperson.


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