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Sierra Oakhurst Kiwanis Supports STEM Class

COARSEGOLD — Rivergold’s future scientists are currently grateful to the Sierra Oakhurst Kiwanis Club for their generous Pocket Lab grant. Pocket Labs connect — with a single button — to a smart phone, tablet, or Chromebook and instantly stream data that users can see and record.

With the Pocket Labs, students are testing the magnitude of a magnet’s magnetic field and the effect on copper wire while electricity runs through it. The goal is for students to understand and create a generator.

Students have also used the Pocket Labs to study velocity and acceleration, creating a vehicle to hold the Pocket Lab. As the vehicle moved the students were able to collect and interpret the data.

Rivergold science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teacher Robert Martin says that with the pocket lab devices, his students can experience science, rather than just hear about it.

Photos courtesy of Bob Rose at Sierra Oakhurst Kiwanis

Rivergold Elementary School is part of the Yosemite Unified School District

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