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Sierra News Online Visits Minarets Press

O’NEALS — It’s one thing to learn about journalism, but it’s another to learn it from a professional. On Wednesday, Dec. 20, Minarets Press was visited by Kellie Flanagan, the Managing Editor from Sierra News Online.

During her visit we ​​discussed our previous articles that have been published on their website and she gave us feedback. Ms. Flanagan also gave us advice on writing and our futures as journalists by explaining techniques she uses for creating a good story. Most of all, she reminded us that to be a good journalist you need to be motivated, compassionate, and build a thick skin.

Huge thank you to Kellie Flanagan for taking the time to visit us at Minarets!

Original article can be found here on Minarets Press.

Minarets High School and Charter High School

Ally Martin is a Minarets student.


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