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Sierra National Forest issues Forest Order

Clovis – The purpose of Forest Order No. 05-15-51-21-18 is to provide for public safety due to unknown hazards found in and near the Savage Lundy Trail, within the Bass Lake Ranger District. Designated recreation sites, roads, and trails in proximity and/or leading to this location will be off limits to public. This Order will be effective from August 29, 2021, through September 26, 2021. The SNF will consider terminating the Order early if conditions change.

As a precaution and to protect the public from unknown hazards in the area, The SNF decided to close several recreation sites, roads, and trails along the Merced River and its South Fork, until deemed safe for public use. It is important to note that as of mid-July, Forest officials have posted warning signs of potentially harmful algal blooms (HABs) identified in the South Fork of the Merced River. https://www.epa.gov/cyanohabs.

The closed recreation sites, roads and trails will be identified in Exhibit A and B as follows: Cranberry Flat Day Use Picnic Site, Dirt Flat Campground, Dry Gulch Campground, Indian Flat Picnic Site, McClendon Beach Day Use Picnic Site, Forest Road No. 3S02, Hite Cove Trailhead, Savage Lundy Trailhead, and Forest Trail Nos. 19E05, 19E200, 19E369, 21E01, 21E07, 22E25. These closures will be accomplished with signs and/or barricades and monitored by law enforcement personnel. Other seasonally designated roads and trails not listed in the Exhibit A map, will be available and open for public use in accordance with the Sierra National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map.

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