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Shonna Alexander Paints Mural At Heritage Day

OAKHURST — Fresno Flats Historical Park is thrilled to announce that artist Shonna Alexander will be working on a new exhibit in the Nathan Sweet Museum: painting a mural during the Mountain Heritage Day celebration on Saturday, Sept. 16.

“Hili hili, hoyowush nim Shik’il. walpe michƏksƏƏsƏƏ? My name is Shonna Alexander, I am twenty-four years old and Chukchansi and Miwok.”

Ms. Alexander finds inspiration in art and the different stories that people tell through their artwork. She has taught many Chukchansi classes and has helped teach the language to their tribal youth along with other dedicated people who work tirelessly to preserve their language.

Ms. Alexander says, “I am very excited to paint my first mural for Fresno Flats Historical Park. I am so thankful that I have the chance to represent my ancestors and tell a little of their story through my artwork. It is important to me to give people who might look at this mural a glimpse into the history of the indigenous peoples of this land.

I want to show how the Native people of this land have persevered through hardships and turmoil, and despite all of that we are still here, preserving family history, language, ceremonies, and traditions as much as we can.”

Ms. Alexander is looking forward to being able to share her culture with people. Consider stopping by Fresno Flats Historical Park on Saturday, Sept. 16 to see her work and to visit with her. The funds for this project come from a generous Chukchansi grant donation.

Brenda Negley is a volunteer with Fresno Flats Historical Society


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