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Sherry’s Perfect Pallet Chairs

DIYers, Sherry and Wendell LawSome couples just love working on garden and building projects together. To me, this is the ideal marriage!

‘Cheap Seats’

Every Flea Market gardener needs some muscle, and companionship at times when doing the bigger projects outside. This is true forSherry and Wendell Law from Memphis area of Tennessee. Sherry entered her pallet chairs in our ‘Upcycled Spring!’ contest last month and I knew we HAD to know how she made these:

Sherry says, “My husband, Wendell, is always up for doing do-it-yourself projects around the house, and all our projects we love to do together. We made these chairs out of pallets. They add fun to the garden!”

Sherry's pallet chairs

Sherry’s pallet chairs

Sherry has added measurements to her photos to help if you’d like to make this chair!

How to:

Chair Measurements

Chair underside view

Ready to paint

Ready to paint!

Chair making tips:

Sherry: “The frame of the chair is made with 2×4′s and the rear legs are reinforced with 2×4′s. Since pallets aren’t normally made with treated wood, whatever you’re making that is going to be outside, needs to be sealed. We used Olympic Maximum, Deck, Fence & Siding Stain. The color is ‘Aqua Smoke.’ The flowers were stamped on with some foam stamps that I already had. I used assorted colors of patio paint that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.”

We live on a corner lot so our yard is a constant do-it-yourself work in progress! Our backyard isn’t huge, …it’s more long and narrow.

"Our sloped garden"

“Our sloped garden”

We lived here for years before we finally decided the backyard wasn’t going to ever be special unless we did something about it. Our biggest challenge was the slope of the yard. We decided not to fight it and just made the whole slope one big garden. This is our third spring and everything is growing in nicely and we’re loving it!

"See the stepping stones along the fence?"

“See the stepping stones along the fence?”

Now, we’re in the middle of replacing the fence and my yard is a wreck! In the pictures, you can see the stepping stones leaning against the fence that my husband makes. Stained glass, too, is one of his hobbies. For the painted windows on the fence…I just used one of my painting stamps to paint and decorate. You can see the pallet chairs in the garden.

Lotus stained glass

“This picture is just an example of the wonderful stained glass work my husband does. This was a Christmas gift for me.”

My crafting hobby is, of course, my garden art. I have tons of projects! I am busy with my Facebook page, RecycledBySkattur and my RecycledBySkattur Etsy shop, Please feel free to browse any of those pictures. Another hobby of mine is knitting!

I just want to say how much I enjoy the Flea Market Gardening Facebook page and website. I enjoy sitting here every morning with my coffee and browsing your pages. Love all the inspirations! ~~ Sherry

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