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Update On Sheila And Eric From San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – Mountain area residents Sheila Moreno and Eric Wynne are both spending time recovering from separate surgeries, and each is doing well.

That’s the word today as Eric’s wife Tina Wynne sends updates from the Bay area hospital where kidney donor Eric is resting, and anxious to get home. Coarsegold resident and organ recipient Sheila was well enough to walk into Eric’s room for a visit.

Sheila is pictured giving a “thumbs up” the night of their “Fiesta for a Future” fundraiser at the Coarsegold Community Center.

The two surgeries were performed on Friday, Feb. 14. Early that morning the patients and their respective spouses, including Sheila’s husband, Robert’s Frosty owner Bobby Moreno, were shuttled from their hotel to California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).

By 10 a.m. Friday, Eric was recovering from surgery that removed one of his kidneys, and Sheila was being prepped to receive the precious gift.

Tina Wynne confirmed on Valentine’s Day that her husband was out of surgery, out of recovery and in a room resting. Tina also visited Sheila post-surgery.

“When I went in to see Sheila, she was doing good,” Tina said on Friday. “Hers is a slower recovery, but she is doing just that. The kidney is working, her output and vitals were good.”

The next day, both patients continued their process of healing. “Sheila is awake and slow to shake the anesthesia,” Tina said on Saturday. “Her vitals are awesome, her color is great. Her kidney is working. Today she should go into a different room and Eric should be able to go see her at some point.”

Eric did get to see visit Sheila that day, and on Sunday, Sheila returned the favor.

“Eric is having a sore day but still healing and making great improvements,” Tina posted from the hospital on Feb. 16. “He needs rest and feels tired but really it’s hard to rest here. Hopeful he’s discharged tomorrow. Sheila walked to Eric’s room to say hi. She is really doing well. All her vitals and medical stuff is looking really good. She is estimated to come out on Wednesday.”

Tina also offers heartfelt appreciation for the support Sheila, Eric and their families continue to receive.

“Thank you all for prayers and vibes and thoughts. They may not respond due to them needing rest and recovery, but know they are getting it all.”

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