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Search For Missing Hiker Last Seen Near Yosemite

Photo credit: National Park Service

YOSEMITE — Authorities with the National Park Service are searching for a missing man who was last seen near Yosemite National Park.

Scott Tenczar was at the Bridgeport Ranger Station on Wednesday, July 25. Tenczar, 48, is described as an experienced hiker who knows the area well. Yosemite National Park reports say he planned to backpack from Robinson Creek to Crown Lake, Matterhorn Canyon, Smedberg Lake, Seavey Pass, and Peeler Lake.

Scott Tenczar has brown hair and hazel eyes, is 6-feet, 1-inch tall, and weighs about 185 pounds. Yosemite authorities say he uses and wears mostly army-colored items, including the colors olive-drab green, tan, and camouflage. He also carries fishing gear.

Anyone who was in the area of Robinson Creek, Crown Lake, Matterhorn Canyon, Smedberg Lake, Seavey Pass, or Peeler Lake between July 25 and August 5, 2018, is encouraged to please contact the National Park Service Investigative Services Branch at (888) 653-0009 or online. People who were in the area are asked to contact the investigator, even if you don’t believe you have any information about the missing person.

What happens when someone goes missing in Yosemite.



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