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Mud Run Troop 357 - photo Dave Smith

Scouts From Troop 357 Get Muddy!

SANGER – Things got really messy when four of the older Scouts from North Fork’s Troop 357 participated in the Spring 2018 Mud Run at Hobbs Grove in Sanger yesterday.

Their scoutmaster and other members of the troop were there to cheer them on to a glorious mud-covered finish.

Troop 357 Scouts Chris Stuber, Johnny Alsup, Jeremiah Stott and Baelin Peltier – photo courtesy of Dave Smith

After cleaning up and changing into clean clothing, they along with other members of the troop and a few parents, had dinner at In-N-Out before returning to North Fork.

The troop is not done with dirt just yet, because in the near future they will spend an afternoon digging in the dirt to plant some trees as a service project at Bass Lake and later in the month the troop will be leaving the dirt behind to go play in the sand during a camping trip to Morro Bay.

Now is the time to get your boys involved in Scouting. At the troop’s weekly meetings, Scouts learn numerous skills. During portions of upcoming meetings Scouts will be participating in a first aid refresher as well as learning more about GPS usage.

Boys age 10 ½ and in the 6th Grade or 11 through 17 are eligible to become a Boy Scout. For more information contact Dave Smith, Scoutmaster at 559-877-2186.

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