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Mountain Home And Glacier High News

OAKHURST — What’s new at Mountain Home School Charter and Glacier High School Charter?

Plenty, according to Eric Hagen, Vice Principal and Charter Teacher.

Hagen says those involved at Glacier High are tackling a trend toward building opportunities for students to have vocational and marketable skills.

“We have partnered with Sierra Ambulance to offer an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course at Glacier High School, second semester,” Hagen explains. “Not only will participants be able to receive High School credit, this course allows students to take the National Certification to become an EMT, enabling them to work anywhere in the country. This class is also open to the community. Community members pay the full fee. For more info visit that webpage.”

Mountain Home School Charter establishing shot exterior - courtesy MHSCThe Sheriff’s Explorer’s program is always available to students at Glacier. “Community Service Officer Joann Evans spoke with our students on Oct. 9 regarding this great program. We already have one student participating, who has a dream of becoming a K-9 Officer,” Hagen says.

Another real-life job opportunity Glacier Students can take advantage of is the chance to become a Pharmacist Tech.

“This online course is designed to prepare students to take the National Certification. For more information visit the webpage.”

Operating at the forefront of technology, Hagen has been running a Robotics program at the schools for six years and is always on the lookout for ways to incorporate and enhance the curriculum with project-based learning.

Mountain Home School Charter and Glacier High Charter  Robotics3“This summer, I took a week long intensive Underwater Robotics course and then applied and received a grant to pilot a new robotics program focusing on Electrical Engineering, Science, Robotics, and Math,” says Hagen. “We should be starting to solder together our own circuit boards within the next couple weeks. In this class I have High School and Junior High students from Mountain Home. High School students are taking this course for credit.”

In the ever-changing dynamics of local schools, programs come and go. In this particular case, Glacier students are ready to pick up some important slack.

“We are working on starting a partnership with Oakhurst Elementary School (OES) with our High School students. In the past Yosemite High School (YHS) had a ‘Careers in Education’ class that brought YHS students into OES to help teachers and students during the day. Although YHS has closed this class, Glacier is seeking to do something similar and bring some of our student leaders into OES to assist teachers.”

Fun with numbersBoth Mountain Home School and Glacier High School have a number of students participating in productions at the Golden Chain Theatre (GCT).

“One of them, well known local singer Jackie McCourt, recently transferred back to us from Minarets Charter” Hagen reports. “Jackie has really enjoyed the opportunity to work in GTC productions.”

Many Junior and Senior Glacier High students take classes at the Community College, earning both high school and college credit. Some students are able to start college with “almost a year of college completed,” in this way.

Mountain Home School Charter mascot Griffin - courtesy MHSCLike other schools, Mountain Home Charter students are embracing the new Common Core educational standards and curriculum.

“We have focused our theme this year on ‘Fun with Numbers.’ Many of our classes and events focus on practical applications for math. One fun example is ‘Measurement Mania Expo 2013,’ which takes place on November 15.

“Students will prepare a presentation explaining how they used measurement and math to complete a given task. Our staff has really been proactive in seeking to understand the new standards, and then, how to best communicate these changes to parents and students.”

In other news, Glacier High School renewed its Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation this last year.

Eric Hagen - Technology Coordinator Vice Principal of Glacier High School and Mountain Home School Charter Teacher“Another unique feature of our program is the ability of students to petition to create their own electives. So, for example, maybe there is a community member or family member that is an expert mechanic. Students may customize a course, with teacher approval, and receive elective credit. Over the years Glacier has had a variety of unusual and creative courses.”

Mr. Hagen was brought on this year as Assistant Principal to Glacier High School. He remains a Charter Teacher with Mountain Home School and the Technology Coordinator for both schools.

Hagen is enthusiastically embracing his responsibilities and all the possibilities inherant in the position. “I am really enjoying this challenging new position!”

Mountain Home School Charter and Glacier High School Charter are located at 41267 Highway 41.

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