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Scam Targets PG&E Customers

MADERA COUNTY – Sheriff John Anderson is issuing an alert to all Madera County PG&E customers about a scam that has surfaced in Central California.

Customers are receiving cold calls from people claiming to represent PG&E. The caller informs customers that they are delinquent on their payment and that if the situation is not handled immediately their power will be shut off.

“These suspects then instruct victims to purchase a money pack card and provide the suspect the card number over the phone,” says Sheriff Anderson. “The suspect in turn collects the money electronically.”

These callers are targeting both businesses and homeowners.

Anderson says if anyone receives a call from someone threatening to shut off their power because they have failed to pay their bill, or claim the customer failed to pay the full amount, hang up immediately and then call PG&E directly.

For questions about billing, PG&E’s Customer Relations telephone number can be found on monthly utility statements, or visit their website. PG&E also offers the following number to call if you believe you have been targeted by this scam: 1-800-743-5000.

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