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Save The Past For The Future At Fresno Flats

OAKHURST – In the constant effort to maintain, operate and improve Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park and its Historical Research Library, Sierra Historic Sites Association relies largely on memberships and donations.

Everyone is cordially invited to join Sierra Historic Sites Association (SHSA) to help support Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park this New Year by becoming a member.Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park recaptures the flavor of 19th Century life in the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountains of Central California. Eastern Madera County is the southern end of the historic Mother Lode gold fields, but the people who settled here came not so much for gold but more to build their lives and raise their families, making their living as farmers, merchants and using the rich natural resources of the mountains.

The museum complex is built around two restored and furnished homes dating to the 1870s. Both have been designated by the State of California as Points of Historical Interest for their unique construction styles once common throughout Northern California, but virtually unknown today. They were saved from demolition, moved to Fresno Flats Historical Park and restored by the volunteers of Sierra Historic Sites Association, as were a pair of early-day one-room schools, two 19th Century jails and several other farm buildings.

Starting in 1975, the volunteers of the non-profit SHSA began developing Fresno Flats Historical Park and its historical research center for the enjoyment and education of this and future generations. The name Fresno Flats recalls the days before 1912 when Oakhurst was known as Fresno Flats. This is truly a community effort. Preservation, restoration, maintenance and operation over the years have been accomplished through donated labor, materials and funds. No tax money is involved.

Sierra Historic Sites Association is a non-profit, educational association and membership dues and other donations are tax deductible. Make checks to SHSA.

Members are entitled to gift shop discounts newsletters and free guided tours of the museum complex. You will be kept abreast of special events and activities through the Fresno Flats Gazette.

As a member you will be contributing to the continuing efforts to preserve the heritage of the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada for this and future generations. The mission of the SHSA is to “Save The Past For The Future.”

Membership dues are as follows –

Annual (calendar year)
Individual $25
Family $35
Business $50

Life (One Time Only) $500

Patron (Minimum) $100

Sustaining $1000

Click Here to Download a Membership Form

“Your support is very much appreciated and with your help we can, SAVE THE PAST FOR THE FUTURE.”

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