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Tioga Pass Resort Spring 2017 - photo by Candace Gregory

Sad News From Tioga Pass Resort On 2017 Season

YOSEMITE — There is word today from the Tioga Pass Resort that they will not be able to open at all this season.

The resort suffered massive damage after record snowfall this winter, and have been evaluating their situation over the past several weeks.

They have now posted this message this morning on their Facebook page:

Well, we can now call it official: TPR will not operate for the 2017 season. It’s simply not feasible, even if you set the lodge issues aside.

We have begun to cancel and refund reservations. Please be a patient, as this may take several days to complete.

Now that the snowpack has finally melted out we are poised to begin professional assessment of the clearly complex damage, which will ultimately determine our path forward.

The ultimate fate of lodge is the big concern. We’re eager to hear the first structural engineer’s opinion, and will update again once that has been digested and a plan begins to form.

Our apologies for the disappointment. Thanks to all for your kind words of support.

Sierra News Online posted the following report on June 10, just after TPR staff arrived at the resort when the road became passable:

Massive Snow Damage At Tioga Pass Resort, May Not Open This Season

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