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Rules And Regs For Community Park

OAKHURST – New rules for the Oakhurst Community Park, established by the Community Park Committee, are posted at the entrance near the bridge.


Right to pass is revocable at any time. Right to pass subject to revocation upon violation of any law, ordinance or park rule within the Oakhurst Community Park

Hours of Operation: Dawn to Dusk

Park Rules:

1) No alcohol consumption or possession without a valid permit

2) No fires outside of barbeques

3) Barbeques to be used for food preparation only

4) Keep dogs on leash. Do not allow your dogs to deface park property. Clean up refuse

5) No smoking within 50 feet of the playground equipment

6) No possession or use of any illegal drug, including the smoking of “medicinal” marijuana

7) No fighting

8) No sleeping or camping without a valid permit

9) No littering

10) No violation of Penal Code 415 – disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace

11) No distribution of food, fuel, or personal items without a valid permit

12) No unlawful weapons

13) Any vandalism or destruction of park property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

14) Violation of these rules may result in a 12 month or permanent revocation of permission to pass or be present on the grounds of the Oakhurst Community Park, at the discretion of the Oakhurst Community Park Committee or their designated agent.

15) Right to pass revocation may be appealed in writing to the Oakhurst Community Park Committee, 41729 Highway 41, Oakhurst CA 93644

For more information on what’s happening at the park, read the recent SNO story here.

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