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Rodeo Grand Marshals Bring Awareness To Brain Cancer

Coarsegold Rodeo Grand Marshals 2018 Randy and Rhonda Shockley (Talented Pix Photography)

COARSEGOLD — As Grand Marshals for the Coarsegold Rodeo, Randy and Rhonda Shockley bring experience and awareness to the venerable position, and they say they’re surprised and honored to be recognized in this manner.

The Shockleys love the local rodeo, which Randy has been attending since 1974. Together, they’ve been involved in the event for six years, volunteering their time and talent in numerous ways. They also cater the VIP section of the Coarsegold Stampede.

Organizers at the rodeo explain that late last summer, after his side grew weak and his speech began to slur, Randy was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Rhonda says her husband was able to continue working throughout radiation treatment, and he’s doing quite well, considering that the cancer is said to be incurable. Currently, Randy has five days of chemotherapy and 23 days off and, right now, the two existing tumors remain stable and there are no new ones.

Rhonda ran a day care for a decade, and left work in order to care for her husband, while their daughter Miranda is working hard to raise awareness for brain cancer. Miranda, a senior at Minarets High School, started a foundation helping patients learn what to expect through their journey.

At the rodeo on Saturday, organizers encourage visitors to wear clothes in the color gray, as part of the Go Gray In May campaign mounted by Accelerated Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) an organization that drives cutting-edge research and treatments for brain tumors.

“The Coarsegold Rodeo is honored to have the Shockleys as the Grand Marshals this year,” the committee notes. “Stop and say hi to Randy and Rhonda,” and learn more about the foundation at the rodeo.

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66th Annual CCPRA Coarsegold Rodeo

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