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Rodeo Goes Down Without A Hitch

Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A4512COARSEGOLD — Without a hitch, the 2016 Coarsegold Rodeo hit the dirt over three days last weekend and organizers are extremely pleased with the results.

“The rodeo was a huge success,” confirms Jill Satterfield, President of the Coarsegold Rodeo Association. Grand Marshals this year were Dennis and Kathy Creighton, who’ve both been a big part of the association for years . Kathy became a board member three years ago.

“Early estimates are saying about 2,500 people attended over the weekend, with about 600 school age children in attendance on Friday for our Heritage Day event!”

Having a great Heritage Day is outstanding because that important kid-element of the rodeo has appeared to languish somewhat in recent years, now back with a bang.

Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2233“The Coarsegold Rodeo Association works all year round to bring this event to fruition,” Jill says. “The money this rodeo makes allows our association to donate money to many Eastern Madera County youth programs. We give money to local schools, Valley Children’s Hospital, and Ronald McDonald House, along with many charitable causes that we receive grant applications on behalf of.”

Among those whose participation was appreciated are the Yosemite High School Boosters.

“They make money taking care of the trash, and recycling, and our parking,” explains Jill, adding that YHS FFA was also very helpful. The rodeo really is an all-community affair.

“Yosemite FFA hosted our Queen dinner as a fundraiser this year for the first time, and we take pride in being part of these organizations and making them able to attain their financial goals!”

It was a record-breaking event as far as the number of contestants participating, as well, according to the association. The energy and effort the grounds’ new owners brought to the party was mightily needed.

Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4527“The Tweed family, Kevin and Tanner, were a big asset to us this year! This father and son bought the rodeo grounds this year and went to work. They turned the grounds into a western town along with a kids’ area that my granddaughter calls ‘Tiny Town.’ The children loved it! We can’t express enough gratitude to this family. They jumped right in and became a part of our association. Thank you Kevin and Tanner from the bottom of our hearts!”

Not to be outdone, Jill says Rockin’ M Productions put on “one heck of a show for the people in attendance.”

And what would a rodeo be without rodeo royalty? Not as “purdy,” that’s for sure. Newly crowned are 2016 Queen Jordyn Samper, Little Princess Paige Herring, and Wee Little Princess Paitlynn Palmer.

Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A5090“We wish our retiring royalty — Dana Healy, Victoria Smith, Raigan Gipson, and Taylor Bigelow — all the best and thank them for all they did for us!”

Some of the best rodeo action of the weekend happens early on Saturday morning.

“We had a great turn out for our exceptional kids rodeo coordinated by Kevin Lockwood! Kevin has been our backbone for this event for the past three years and it gets better every year.”

You can’t have a good rodeo without great sponsors, notes Jill, and this year was excellent in that regard.

Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A4507“We want to say thank you to all the sponsors, including Pavilion Properties, Sierra Telephone, Bud Light, 3V Feed, Fiesta Insurance, Yosemite Gateway Restaurant, Vulcan Materials, Coarsegold Subway, Evans Feed, Century 21 Ditton Realty, and Mountain Feed, to name a few major ones.”

“Last but not least,” says Jill, she’s grateful to everyone who showed up ready to rodeo this year.

“A big thank you to each of you that came out to enjoy the show. See you next year!”

Thanks to official rodeo photographer Carrie Jenkins of A Moment In Time Photography. Click on images to enlarge.

Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_1991 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_1917 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - bullrider IMG_4464Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A5185 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A4933 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A4816 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - KX8A3966 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4575 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4412 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4408 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4342 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4238 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3972 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3951 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3739 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3677 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3354 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3105 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3017 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_3007 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2836 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2816 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2780 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2759 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2697 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2348 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2325 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2309 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2233 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2219 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2206 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2133 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_2000 Rodeo by Carrie Jenkins - IMG_4289

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