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Rockstar Minarets Coach: Bob Siebenberg

Submitted by Caden Shows and Trever Jobinger, student journalists with Minarets Press

O’NEALS – Both old and young alike have or had aspirations of being a rockstar. Although this is not realistic for most, Minarets varsity baseball assistant coach Bob Siebenberg actually was one. Not known to many, Siebenberg was a drummer for the very popular 70s rock band, Supertramp.

Seibenberg grew up in Glendale, California, a sleepy suburb of Los Angeles. When he was young, his father had an incredible record collection which was what initially got him interested in music. In fourth grade, Siebenberg joined his school orchestra, learned to play the snare drums, and by the time he was 12 years old, he had joined a surf band called The Expressions which played at venues all around Southern California. From there, his passion for music grew, and he joined several bands while in high school, one of which was called the Ilford Subway.

Siebenberg became extremely interested in the music that was coming out of England, prompting him to move to London in 1971 to see if he could make it in the music business. He began by playing in small pubs and clubs in London for a band called Bees Make Honey. While in this band, Siebenberg was noticed by two songwriters for Supertramp and was invited to come to play with the band to see if he would be a good fit. After jamming with the other members a few times, Bob was asked to be a band member. Since he liked their music, work attitude, ambition, and though they were good people, Siebenberg explained, he accepted their offer. He officially joined Supertramp in 1973 and continued to play with them until their last tour in 2012. In 2015, they were scheduled to go on tour once again, but after one of the band members became severely sick, they, unfortunately, had to cancel.

During Siebenberg’s time with the band, Supertramp had the #1 album around the world for 26 weeks, called Breakfast in America, as well as some top ten hits. When asked what were some of his best memories while in Supertramp, Siebenberg answered, “There are many. The thrill of seeing our first album take off and realizing we were getting a shot. The traveling and camaraderie with the guys in the band and crew. The feeling of the band and its music getting better and better. Playing at Madison Square Garden and Albert Hall. Some of the people I have met and the privilege of traveling with.” Years of experience have left Siebenberg with a renewed perspective on prospective artists entering the music industry. “Be prepared. It’s a long haul, no guarantees.,” said Seibenberg. “Let people know you exist. Preparation colliding with opportunity equals luck. There are no shortcuts. Love what you do.”

As the band had extended layoffs between projects, Siebenberg decided he wanted to raise his family away from Los Angeles and moved to Oakhurst in 1986. Since he played high school baseball and came from a baseball family, he decided he wanted to be involved in coaching. He began by coaching his son’s tee-ball team in 1983, and when he moved to Oakhurst he started coaching a little league team and then moved up to a senior little league team. By 1988, he was coaching the JV team at Yosemite High School.

“Coaching was something I found that helped me feel that I was spending my time in a meaningful way. I enjoyed working with student-athletes and hoped to have a positive influence on young people’s lives,” he explained. “I continued to coach at Yosemite as a Varsity Assistant and Head Coach until Coach Darrah finally convinced me to come to Minarets, and it was a rejuvenating experience.”

Siebenberg’s presence has contributed to the success of the Minarets varsity baseball team. Since Siebenberg joined the coaching staff, Head Coach Jesse Darrah says he has been “a huge help and a great example to the players that he coaches.” Darrah also goes on to say Siebenberg could be doing other things instead of coaching high school baseball, but he comes out every day and helps take the stress off of Darrah as a head coach.

During the pandemic, Siebenberg has taken the opportunity to improve the Minarets baseball field itself. “With help from Coach Bill Stolp, I installed lights at the batting cages and the bullpen. Every year we wish we had them, and now we do,” says Siebenberg. Lighting in the batting cage and bullpen will help the team extend practices longer and ensure they are getting the most out of each practice. Years of dedication like this have helped Siebenberg collect great memories with the team that he will never forget. “ I have many [memories], but playing at Fresno State for the Valley Championship was pretty special. Beating Clovis North. Described as ‘the biggest upset in Central Section history.’ Watching Caden Shows hit his first one out during batting practice was pretty classic. Working with Chris Bowe. I have a lot of great memories from being around a lot of great kids.”

Today, Siebenberg and his wife Gayle live in Ahwahnee, California. “Where I live is out of town and quiet. Nice views and a pond in front of the house that several players from Minarets Baseball come to fish in. This mountain area has been very kind to me since we moved here in 1986. I like the environment, and its closeness to things I like to do.” He has a son, Jesse, who is also a musician and baseball player and who has two young boys of his own who all live in Ojai, California. Siebenberg also has a daughter, Victoria, who is a professional graphic designer and owns and operates a small winery with her husband. They themselves have three daughters, and recently, a baby boy. They live in Templeton, California.

Though Supertramp may not be on tour, you can still hear their music on just about any streaming platform and, more recently, on a Hersey’s Chocolate television commercial featuring their song “Give a Little Bit.” The Minarets baseball team is honored to have Coach Siebenberg as part of the Mustang family. When people think of the name Bob Siebenberg, they may think of the legendary drummer from the group Supertramp, but to those here at Minarets, the name Bob Siebenberg will always mean our “Coach Bob.”

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