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Road closed signs on Road 427 for sinkhole - photo Madera Co Sheriff

Road 427 Closes Temporarily For Repairs

UPDATE: June 1, 2017 — The road was reopened at approximately 5 p.m.

OAKHURST — The Madera County Road Department has arrived and assessed the situation on Road 427 (School Road) which has been closed due to a sinkhole in the eastbound lane.

Barricades have been put in place and detour routes established. The road remains closed to vehicular traffic between Pierce Drive and Elliot Drive except for residents as outlined below.

While the surface opening is only slightly more than one square foot, the chasm underneath is far larger, and even the visible pavement is not sufficiently supported, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

This sinkhole is at a point where a culvert goes under the road. It is possible that the culvert will need to be replaced, which would dictate a significant amount of roadwork.

Estimated time of repair and reopening is a minimum of two days, and possibly over a week. The closure will remain in effect until repairs can be completed.

All businesses, schools, churches and residences in the area are still accessible.

If you are accessing anything east of the First Baptist Church (49547 Road 427), please use Elliot Drive or Hangtree Lane.

If you are accessing the church or anything west of that location, please use Road 426 to access Road 427.

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  1. Who in the world decided this should go out as an alert over the Madera County Emergency System? Crazy!

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