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Neighborhood Students Get The Gold

Submitted by Jessica Medrano

COARSEGOLD – More than 60 students attending 4th through 8th grade at Rivergold Elementary School were recognized recently for their academic achievements, all receiving certificates for Gold Honor Roll. The kids are at the top of their respective classes and have met the Gold Honor Roll requirements of showing a grade point average of 4.0 for the second quarter of the 2013/14 school year.

In 4th grade, the Gold Honor Roll students from Coarsegold Elementary for the period are: Ryan Abner, Daphne Christensen, Sarah Clinghan, Antonio Conti, Braden Craig, Sam Franco, Brenden Goddard, Grayson Kendall, Ashton Mitchell, Brandon Pierce, and Jadyn Stafford.

Rivergold Gold Honor Roll 5th grade Feb 2014 - photo courtesy Rivergold

5th grade Gold Honor Roll students are: Drake Airey, Gwen Burnett, Claire Corippo, Parker Elliott, Phoenix Forsmann, Hailey Keller, Brian Kennedy, Nathen Kingsland, Matthew McIntyre, Alani Oswald, Syler Pillsbury, Jamie Pope, Molly Smith, Samantha Tuckness, and Kylee Van Valkenburg.

Rivergold Gold Honor Roll 6th grade Feb 2014 - photo courtesy Rivergold

6th grade Gold Honor Roll students are: Cyrus Christensen, Tiana Fisk, Alexis Kuykendall, Makayla Lewis, Luke Little, Riley Luce, Andie Miller, Austin Mitchell, Hailey Mosca, Maximillian Schweizer, Mandi Villanueva, Caleb Wensloff, Cambria Williams, and Corissa Williams.

Rivergold Gold Honor Roll 7th grade Feb 2014 - photo courtesy Rivergold

7th grade Gold Honor Roll students are: Samantha Clay, Henry Curley, Luke Fuller, Aaron Hall, Sydney Meyer, Adriana Padilla, Breanna Saenz, Nina Sanguinetti, Kyla Thomas, Natalie Zawolkow, and Jaimin Zuber.

Rivergold Gold Honor Roll 8th grrade Feb 2014 - photo courtesy Rivergold

8th grade Gold Honor Roll students are: Katherine Bodine, Tiffany Cacy, Kyra Cole, Lily Kuykendall, Gianna Mascola, Kendall Miller, Noah Mosca, Siena Oswald, Madilyn Sloas, and Bryce Talbot.

In other Rivergold related news, the “Home of the Hawks” has a Talent Show scheduled for Thursdays Feb. 27 and Mar. 6, at 1 and 6 p.m.

Boys’ Basketball and Girls’ Soccer start on Thursday, Feb. 27. Practice is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

February 28 is Dr. Seuss Day!

Kindergarten registration packets will be in the office starting Monday, Mar. 3rd for the 2014/15 registration period.

Ms. Medrano is a 6th grade teacher of Language Arts and History at Rivergold School

For more information visit the Rivergold School website.

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