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Rivergold Celebrates Earth And Honor Roll

COARSEGOLD – On any given day at Rivergold Elementary School, you can find kids of all ages exploring, discovering, and getting their hands messy.

For instance, Kindergarten students in Mrs. Katie Talbot’s class recently dug, weeded and watered the school garden.

Meanwhile, children in grades K-3 celebrated Earth Day by rotating through seven different stations designed for hands-on learning.

Among other key life-lessons, students were taught the importance of recycling, and later they tried their hands at writing special poetry. Activities also included sidewalk art, creating bookmarks, dancing, and music.

Rivergold Earth Day Celebration

For months leading up to Earth Day, students had been saving bins of newspapers and plastic bags, as teacher Kori Davis shared her passion for recycling with the class.

Penny Norris - kindergartener at Rivergold - Earth Day art work.

Outside, kindergartener Penny Norris carefully put the finishing touches on her Earth Day art work.

Smokey at Rivergold Kindergarten

Finally, Mrs. Talbot’s class has a special visitor: Smokey Bear.

While kids in the younger classes were honoring Mother Earth, older students were being honored for academic achievement, themselves.

Gold Honor Roll students were acknowledged recently at Rivergold. in alphabetical order by grade, include:

Rivergold 4th 5th and 6th grade gold honor roll in alphabetical order by grade.

4th: Gwen Burnett, Parker Elliott, Nathen Kingsland, Pasha Pervorse, Syler Pillsbury, Jamie Pope, Samantha Tuckness, Kylee Van Valkenburg

5th: Cyrus Christensen, Drew Encinas, Tiana Fisk, Gloria Kindall, Alexis Kuykendall, Luke Little, Cassandra Longcor, Andie Miller, Jarrod Mills, Austin Mitchell, Hailey Mosca, Monique Santacrus, Maximillian Schweizer, Mandi Villanueva, Caleb Wensloff, Cambria Williams, Corissa Williams

Rivergold 7th and 8th gold honor roll by grade in alphabetical order.

6th: Henry Curley, Luke Fuller, Aaron Hall, Sydney Meyer, Adriana Padilla, Nick Pierce, Nina Sanguinette, Kyla Thomas, Natalie Zawolkow

7th: Katherine Bodine, Tiffany Cacy, Kyra Cole, Noah Fulton, Austin Huff, lily Kuykendall, Gianna Mascola, Kendall Miller, Noah Mosca, Siena Oswald, Maddie Sloas, Bryce Talbot

8th: Natalie Bates, Kristen Berry, Jonathan Bodine Victoria Bodine, Elena Cordle, Delaney Finnegan, Audrey Kenison, Katie Low, Savannah Luce, Sarah Parker, Mai Schweizer, Hunter Thompson, Hannah Wimer

Rivergold School

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