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My interest in computers and technology started in the 3rd grade at North Fork Elementary School. As I grew older my knowledge of computers and how they work was ever expanding, and my ability to troubleshoot problems came quickly. By the 5th grade I was getting paid for my knowledge, being pulled out of class on an almost daily basis to fix a problem in either the library or a classroom, and during the summer I worked with the District Technology Specialist at all the school sites to ensure the computers were ready for the next school year.

It wasn’t long after starting high school that my knowledge was put to work again during and after school, and it was exciting to help teach the staff technology boot camps during the summer. After high school I worked for a tech support call center for several years before going to work for a government agency. I was laid off in 2009 and went to work for Computer Repair And Maintenance (C-RAM) in Oakhurst. This year will mark my 20thtyear of working with computers and the ever expanding technology we all work with on a daily basis.

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