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Nevada and Vernal Fall - photo by Keith Sauer

Report Of Tragedy On Christmas Day In Yosemite

YOSEMITE — Outside Online is reporting that a man died in Yosemite National Park on Christmas Day after falling into the river, three days into the government shutdown that began at midnight EST on Saturday, Dec. 22.

Outside Online reporter Wes Siler says the tragedy, which took place on the afternoon of Dec. 25, was confirmed yesterday by the supervisory public affairs officer for the National Park Service, Andrew Muñoz.

Local media calls and inquiries to the Public Information Office in Yosemite National Park have gone unreturned since the shutdown began. No press release was issued, as is typically the case, due to the shutdown.

Outside’s Siler reports that dispatch in the park received an emergency call regarding a male visitor who had sustained a head injury. His location was reported as having been in the Silver Apron area between Vernal and Nevada falls. Muñoz notes that the area was not closed to visitors at the time of the accident.

Rangers were reportedly on scene in less than an hour and the injured man was removed from the water. Medical attention was provided, but the visitor died from his injuries, according to Siler’s account of his communication with the spokesman.

The name, age and residence of the deceased man have not been released and no further information is available at this time.

The incident remains under investigation.

NOTE: It was subsequently noted by the Mariposa County Coroner’s Office that the deceased was 32-year-old Joshua Brock Conner of Lakeview, Ohio.

Read the original article on Outside Outline here.


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