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Regional Water Management Plan Updated

Submitted by Jeannie Habben

It is important to have a say in the planning of our water. The Madera Regional Water Management Group is currently updating this area’s water management plan.

The Madera Regional Water Management Group is a group of water agencies, organizations, and other interested parties that meet monthly to discuss regional water management issues, projects, and opportunities for funding new projects. The group successfully secured $9.4 million for water resources projects in Madera County in 2011 and an additional $271,000 to update the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) in 2013.

The group is currently updating this IRWMP, which was originally prepared in 2007. The Plan will address surface water, groundwater and flood control issues in Madera County, and include strategies to accomplish water management goals. The updated Plan will also allow the group to remain eligible for certain State grant programs.

Landowners, agencies, organizations and other interested parties who wish to participate in updating the IRWMP may do so by contacting Jeannie Habben at 559-642-3263 or, or by attending the next Regional Water Management Group meeting. Meeting times and locations can be found at

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Jeannie Habben

Central Sierra Watershed Committee

Madera Regional Water Management Group

Chowchilla/Fresno Rivers Watershed

Phone: 559-642-3263

FAX: 559-658-7170

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