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Record Number Of Students In Math Pentathlon

MADERA COUNTY – Madera County’s middle school students will be putting their minds to the test at this year’s 2015 Math Tournament. Students will take three tests: Individual Endurance, Circuit Training and Relay Race this Friday at the Madera Center.

During the Circuit Training teams will be given 20 questions and 2 ½ minutes per question moving through a circuit.

For the Relay Race, each student will run to a designated test area and answer one question then run back and tag the next team member. The Individual Endurance is an individual test comprised of 30 questions.

Teams also participated in a take-home problem last week. Seventh and eighth grade teams were given the task of finding the area of a shape. They also researched the fields of animation and special effects and their correlation to mathematics.

More than 150 students from 30 teams from throughout Madera County will participate. Each school is allowed one seventh grade and one eighth grade team. This is the most students the Pentathlon has ever seen.

“We are excited to have a record number of students this year at the Academic Pentathlon,” said Cyndy Dolph, Associate Superintendent, Madera County Office of Education. “It’s great to have so many participate in this academic competition.”

Teams will receive trophies for first, second and third place in each event in addition to the overall math tournament winning team.

Students will take all three tests before lunch where they will be served pizza. Teams will be awarded trophies after lunch.

The Math Tournament is part of the Academic Pentathlon where students participate in a series of five events. Events include the math tournament, essay competition, speech event, literature test and super quiz.

The essay test will be held in conjunction with the math tournament on Friday. Students will participate in speech, literature and the super quiz on Saturday, Mar. 21 at Ranchos Middle School. This year’s super quiz topic is “Earth Science: Earth and Life History, Including Evolution.” The event will begin at 12 p.m.

When students have free time during the math tournament they will be encouraged to paint banners in support of their school. Participants will wave those banners at the Academic Pentathlon super quiz and awards ceremony. The public is invited to attend.

Participating schools include: Chawanakee Academy, Coarsegold Elementary, Dairyland Elementary, Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy, Jack G. Desmond Middle, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle, Mountain Home Charter, North Fork Middle, Oak Creek Intermediate, Ranchos Middle, Rivergold Elementary, Sherman Thomas Charter, St. Joachim, Thomas Jefferson Middle, Wasuma Elementary, and Wilson Middle Schools.

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