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Raymond-Knowles Union School Bond Measures Narrowly Defeated

MADERA — Preliminary voting results from Tuesday’s election show Measure P and Measure Q, two local bond issues to modernize facilities in the Raymond-Knowles Union Elementary School District, being narrowly defeated.

According to the latest results from the Madera County Elections Office, Measure Q garnered 193 “yes” votes — or 51 percent — and 186 “no” votes — or 49 percent.

Measure P got 193 “yes” votes and 190 “no” votes.

Both bond measures needed 55 percent of the overall “yes” votes cast to pass.

Measure Q asked for $1.5 million to modernize and construct classrooms, restrooms and other school facilities; and make health, safety and accessibility upgrades and improvements.

Measure P asked voters to authorize $1.5 million for construction of a new multi-purpose center for school and community use; and update and modernize classrooms, restrooms and school facilities.

In early February, the Madera County Elections Department issued new ballots to a limited number of mountain area voters living within the district’s boundaries after election officials noticed that a small number of voters living outside of the Raymond-Knowles Union School District erroneously received a ballot with Measures “P” and “Q.”

“An inadvertent mistake occurred where some streets outside of the Raymond-Knowles Union School District were linked to the Measure P and Q school bonds,” explained Election Division Manager Stephanie Sibley. “The mistake was caught almost immediately after ballots were sent out so we are able to rectify this issue right away.”

Voters who received an incorrect ballot and had not yet returned it were sent a replacement ballot.

With respect to any voter who had already voted and returned their ballot, election officials said that “procedures” had been established to ensure that Measures “P” and “Q” were not be counted unless the voter resides in the Raymond-Knowles Union School District.

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