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"Radio Free Oakhurst" with Michael Moore at the Met

Guest Colmnist Peter Cavanaugh invites everyone to the movies –

Even as a banner headline on the front page of Sunday’s (10/14/12) Fresno Bee alarmingly proclaimed, “Super rich Kochs aim to save America,” the Democratic Club of Oakhurst had completed arrangements to offer “Koch Brothers Exposed” as a key attraction in their “Pre-Election Bringing Home the TRUTH Rally” at 7:30 PM on Saturday, Oct. 27, at the Oakhurst Met Cinemas. “Koch Brothers Exposed” is a full-length, 55 minute documentary, wildly heralded as timely, true and terrific.

(Photo – Peter Cavanaugh and Michael Moore in Flint, Michigan in 1982 at WWCK-FM)In the words of Kristina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation magazine, “With an unflinching investigative look at the Koch brothers’ money and power, Brave New Films has once again created a film full of rollicking and rigorous facts that informs and challenges corporate media with the truth. ‘Koch Brothers Exposed’ should be a wake-up call for people across the political spectrum to take action to halt the selling off of our democracy.”

Radio and television host Ed Schultz says of the film, “Every person in this country who cares about democracy should care about this work.”

In addition to the screening, Academy Awards Film Director Michael Moore will make himself available to the Oakhurst audience in an exclusive live linkup from his home in northern Michigan to discuss the pending election both nationally and locally, including his support of fourth California District Congressional candidate, Jack Uppal.

Interactive dialogue with those in attendance will be encouraged by the event’s moderator, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ and Oakhurst resident, Peter Cavanaugh, who introduced Mr. Moore to the public over Flint, Michigan’s WTAC-AM/WWCK-FM in the early ’80’s. There is no charge for admission and the general public is enthusiastically encouraged to attend.

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