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Radiant Day At Bass Lake For Smokey Bear Run/Walk

BASS LAKE — With the smoke from recent fires cleared and early morning temperatures in the 50s, the outcome was a stunning day in Bass Lake for running, walking, or even chanting on the sidelines for the 30th annual Smokey Bear Run/Walk on Saturday. Sept 23.

The morning started off a little chilly, but once the sun started peeking over the steamy shore of Bass Lake the excitement from all the gathered participants started to grow.

Dock at The Forks on the morning of Smokey Bear Run/Walk – photo by Gina Clugston

The race featured all types of activities for everyone’s fitness level. There was a 2-mile walk, a 2-mile run, a 10K run (6.2 mi.), and races for kids and wheelchair participants.

Runners and walkers came from as far away as Atwater, Porterville and Clovis, and included locals from North Fork, Oakhurst and Ahwahnee who took advantage of the amazing weather to participate in this popular yearly event along the beautiful shores of Bass Lake.

The race is part of the Valley Runner of the Year series, and draws serious runners from all over the area. It is also a wonderful opportunity for families to introduce their kids to the fun of physical fitness, and for groups of friends to walk together, getting some good exercise while enjoying the beautiful setting.

All participating children received a ribbon, and awards were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all age divisions.

This year’s proceeds will benefit Cal Fire and USFS Fire Prevention Programs, Madera County Search & Rescue, Madera County Sheriff Explorer’s Post 104, and the Yosemite High School (YHS) Cross Country Teams.

For complete results in all categories please click here.

The top 10 in each race are listed below:

10K Run

  1. Steven Waite- Fresno
  2. Enrique Flores- Fresno
  3. Alek Simpson- Oakhurst
  4. J.K. Lundberg- Fresno
  5. Jacob Geyer- Coarsegold
  6. Victor Lupian- Fresno
  7. Alan Harris- Fresno
  8. Marvin Ashcroft- Clovis
  9. Arturo Acevedo- Clovis
  10. Russell Warmerdam- Oakhurst

2 Mile Run

  1. Ricky Flores- Fresno
  2. Justin Beaumont- Coarsegold
  3. Raymond Varvel- Lodi
  4. Rey Garza- Kingsburg
  5. Artemio Villegas- Madera
  6. Andrew Franco- Fresno
  7. Anthony Moschella- Friant
  8. Luis Hernandez- Bakersfield
  9. K. Sorenson- Fresno
  10. Brian Gearhart- Oakhurst

2 Mile Walk

  1. James McCall- Fresno
  2. Juan Martinez- Fresno
  3. Amanda Von Raeder- Mariposa
  4. Peggy Von Raeder- Mariposa
  5. Pablo Hernandez- Selma
  6. Arlene Aoki- Oakhurst
  7. Debbie Sebastian- Oakhurst
  8. Claudia Carrott- Ahwahnee
  9. Robyn DeHart- Lemoore
  10. Natalie Magbanua- Lemoore

Kids Run 1/8 Mile

  1. C. Richter-Vint- North Fork
  2. N. Brown- Fresno
  3. N.Scholl- Fresno
  4. L. Morgan- Clovis
  5. A. Messinger- Oakhurst
  6. H. Messinger- Oakhurst
  7. R. Hershey- Oakhurst
  8. V. Ching- North Fork
  9. A. Elliot- North Fork
  10. Q. Porter- Oakhurst

Kids Run 1/4 Mile

  1. K. Rosas- Hanford
  2. P. Shaw- Oakhurst
  3. K. Ensminger- Oakhurst
  4. C. Beaumont- Coarsegold
  5. D. Shaw- Oakhurst
  6. S. Costa- Fresno
  7. A. Frabotta- Oakhurst
  8. J. Laswhon- Coarsegold
  9. C. Brown- Fresno
  10. K. Thomas- North Fork

Kids Run 1/2 Mile

  1. B. Burgess- Lake Elsinore
  2. L. Beaumont- Coarsegold
  3. S. Glitch- North Fork
  4. A. Cadenhead- Fresno
  5. L. Shaw- Oakhurst
  6. M. Marr- Oakhurst
  7. I. Istomin- Fresno
  8. J. Geyer- Coarsegold
  9. J. Ensminger- Oakhurst
  10. E. Lockwood- Coarsegold


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