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Purple Cow Owner Is Perplexed

Guest columnist Cowboy Charlie wonders where everyone is going in such a hurry –

I was pondering . . . something any Cowboy could tell you could be trouble.

I was sitting in front of my shop watching the world whiz by . . . quite an understatement!

Where are all my friends and neighbors going in such a hurry? Looking around, no fire, no free anything, oh . . . could it be they were in a hurry to arrive at the red light 500 feet ahead?That must have something to do with the rush, or could it be they were trying to get through the green light before it turned red . . . I had to laugh as in any case the red tail lights came on as they came to a rapid stop.

All good for the morning chuckle, this wonderful world whiz-bang get-there-faster came to a screeching halt! Soon “a double feature” happened to come by . . . a gravel truck making a left turn into the gravel plant, with scores of cars behind him.

Two or three good neighbors stopped, only to find out their neighbors were passing everything on the right, stirring up a dust storm in that all-important quest to wait at a red light!

Now I can’t remember when it was legal to pass on the right without there being a lane there to do so. Now never mind that their friends were walking in the area and had to run for their lives, only so their neighbors could stop at that red light.

Now my dear friends, are we in such a hurry that we miss our turns, and have to make grand dust storms trying to U turn in some ones front yard, only to nearly get mowed over by that car that came from no-where?

Now my horse doesn’t understand how a human can drive 200 horses and not escape being seriously injured . . . when a human with one horse can’t stay on the trail, let alone in the saddle.

Hum . . . I’m only pondering where life has taken us . . . Happy driving friends. Remember it’s not that important to get to the red light. Your Neighbor and Friend, Cowboy Charlie

Cowboy Charlie is the owner of the Purple Cow at 39935 Highway 41 in Oakhurst.

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