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Public Workshop On Tree Mortality

MARIPOSA – The public is invited to attend a workshop on Tree Mortality, hosted by the Mariposa County Resource Conservation District on Saturday, Apr. 18, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds.

Speakers will include Len Nielson, Cal Fire Unit Forester; Beverly Bulaon, US Forest Service Entomologist; and Martin MacKenzie, USDA/Forest Service Forest Pathologist.

This is a great opportunity for residents to learn more and have their questions answered about the massive die-off of trees and what can be done.

The main topic will be tree death, and since the Ponderosa Pine has been hit the hardest, this will be the main species discussed. There will also be information on the gray pine and oak trees.

Topics will include the current drought conditions and how they affect the trees in our area, the impact the number of dead trees has for our forests, fire hazard issues, what citizens can do to reduce their risks, and what residents can do to help protect the trees they have on their property. The beetle will also be discussed, from life cycle to how they live and effect our area.

With tree density and fuel load having an impact on the trees, questions can be addressed regarding bugs, drought, root structure, lack of soil, sun light and competition for water caused by overgrowth of brush and too many trees per acre.

The workshop will be held in Building A – Sequoia Hall, 5007 Fairgrounds Road just south of the town of Mariposa along Highway 49.

In the meantime, Cal Fire would like to remind everyone that while we are not yet in “fire season,” our area is very dry and receptive to ignitions.

PLEASE be very cautious when conducting hazard reduction burning.

• Keep burn piles to a manageable size and number.

• Never leave the fire unattended.

• Make sure you have proper clearance cut to mineral soil around the pile(s) and have a shovel and hose (water source) on site so that you can quickly put out any fire that may escape.

• Be aware of burning on sloped ground. Burning material may roll downhill and escape control.

• Do not burn on days forecasted to have winds, even if it is a permissible burn day. The wind can carry fire embers and set fires quite a distance from your original burn pile(s).

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