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Public Meeting On Parks And Trails For Health And Wellness

NORTH FORK – Projects to develop recreational sites, trails and parks in the North Fork community will be presented at a public meeting on Thursday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m. at the North Fork Rancheria Community Center.

Everyone is invited to attend and share their ideas on how North Fork can improve the quality of life by developing recreational sites through projects that provide health and wellness for youth and adult residents, as well as visitors to the area.

Proposals for the improvement of the Booster’s Recreation Center, the Community Trail System, a footbridge to school across the west fork of Willow Creek, the Willow Creek Trail, and the History Park at the Old Mill Site will be discussed.

Community members’ ideas and feedback about these, or new ideas for projects, will be recorded.

California State Proposition 68, passed in June 2018, provides competitive grants that will be open for applications in 2019. Several local projects discussed over the years may come to fruition if they can be organized through community support and involvement. Find out how you can help make them become a reality.

This meeting is being sponsored by the North Fork Community Development Council. For questions, please contact board member Maryanne Welton at maryanne@kwelton.com.

The North Fork Rancheria Community Center is located at 56900 Kunugib Way.


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