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North Fork, Jan. 9 2017 (File photo - Gina Clugston)

Portions Of North Fork Evacuated As Creeks Overflow

NORTH FORK — Residents are now being evacuated from the lower-lying areas of North Fork as water levels continue to rise in both the north and south forks of Willow Creek.

The north fork of Willow Creek runs through the concentrated, low-lying residential areas of North Fork, and is fed by Manzanita Lake, just below Bass Lake Dam. The south fork runs through the Rec Center and along the Bass Lake Mobile Home Park in South Fork.

As water began overflowing the creek banks amid heavy rains, and flow rates from Bass Lake jumped within a short amount of time, Sheriff’s deputies patrolled the homes nearest the danger, warning residents to be prepared leave their homes.

Shortly after midnight, deputies reported water within 2-3 feet of homes at the end of Willow Creek Drive and Church Street. At 12:30 a.m., someone in the Bass Lake Mobile Home Park along the south fork of Willow Creek reported water nearly up to the PG&E service box in the park.

At 12:40 p.m., deputies reported the water was just a few feet from spilling into the mobile home park. Just five minutes later, there were reports that the water had risen on Church Street and was flowing under a propane tank toward the nearest home.

Just before 1 a.m., deputies reported that homes on the east side of Church Street were in imminent danger of being flooded, and people in Bass Lake Mobile Home Park had already started packing up to leave. CHP had been called out about an hour earlier to assist in the evacuations.

At 1 a.m., residents in both those areas were placed under a mandatory evacuation order, and an alert was sent out.

“The Sheriff’s Office is issuing a mandatory evacuation order for the following areas:

-East Side of Church Street

-Bass Lake Mobile Home Park.

“Be aware of rising water levels and evaluate your conditions. Residents who live in these areas or other areas threatened by rising water levels should immediately evacuate to the EV Free Church at 50443 Road 427 in Oakhurst (Near Yosemite High School). This is a MANDATORY Evacuation Order.”

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