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Please Don't Come To This Fundraiser

NORTH FORK – Gina Runyan is considered by the residents she serves as “North Fork’s favorite contract mail lady.” But after a gnarly accident on Cascadel Road on Friday, Dec.19, she is without wheels.

Though Gina was knocked out during the crash, she did survived with bumps and bruises and some major headaches, but her truck is now down for the count.

And so neighbors are doing what neighbors in North Fork do when someone has hit a bump in the road (pun intended) – they are joining forces to help her replace that smashed-up Nissan so she can navigate her route once again and get on with life.

Gina Runyans smashed truck 12-19-14Cascadel residents Carol Eggink and Volney Dunavan have enlisted the help of Yosemite Bank – who have generously provided a no-fee account for the project – and have organized a fundraiser that will maximize the amount of money available for Gina’s new ride, by requiring that no one attend. They invite you to have some fun by imagining you are paying to not have to go to yet another fundraiser.

The non-event is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 27, at an undisclosed location, and to inspire everyone to stay home that day, Carol and Volney have devised this brilliant line-up of activities:

  • A private showing of the governments smash hit movie, The Fluctuation of the Gold Standard and its relation to the World Court vis-a-vis the Migration of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly.
  • A recital of a selection of some of the better known of Clementi’s 150 Sonatinas.
  • A rerun of the unforgettable slides of My Day at Disneyland with five preschoolers.
  • A demonstration of 43 different ways to peel a hard-boiled egg.
  • A silent auction of a lifetime collection of White Elephants.

Complimentary KoolAid and liver-based hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

Donations to help Gina get back on her wheels can be made in person at the Oakhurst branch of Yosemite Bank, or mailed to them at:

Yosemite Bank – for the account to help Gina Runyan

40061 Highway 49, Oakhurst, CA 93644

Carol describes Gina Runyan as “one of those people you think of as ‘angels walk among us.’ She always has a smile for you. Always.”

Even while dealing with aging parents and family medical issues, Gina knows each and every one of the 398 mail customers on her route. When one elderly man who was religious about picking up his mail hadn’t done so in several days, Gina called law enforcement to come and check on him. They found a very sick gentleman who was immediately taken to the hospital.

“She goes out of her way for everybody,” says Carol. “She so much more than the mail lady. She never stops helping everyone.” And now, everyone wants to help her.

“Please help spread the word,” say innovative organizers Carol and Volney. “And thanks to Yosemite Bank for being part of this project. Because of them, this fundraiser has no expenses! And in the spring when the weather is nice and Gina is feeling better, maybe, just maybe, we will have a just-because-we-care get-together to celebrate being able to help each other make it through another of life’s potholes.”

As for Gina, she is feeling better, and apologized to all the customers on her route whose mail may have been delayed when life took a dastardly turn. She is also counting her blessings, and says “I’m so grateful that God did not want me yet!”

For questions on how you can help, call Carol at 559-877-6290 or Volney at 559-877-3017.

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